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Date:      Sun, 5 Feb 95 06:11:20 EDT
From:      "Stuart Hoffman" <>
Subject:   FreeBSD 2.0 Installation Questions
Message-ID:  <>

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I have the Walnut Creek FreeBSD 2.0 CD, but I am having installation 

Here's my situation:

a. When I try to install from the CD-ROM, after booting from the floppy 
diskettes and partitioning the SCSI hard drive, the installation program 
cannot read from my SCSI CD-ROM attached to my Adaptec 1542A SCSI 

b. After copying the contents of the CD-ROM to an MS-DOS hard drive 
partition, I cannot get the installation program to install from the MS-DOS 
partition.  It says that it cannot mount /dev/sd0e, the name for the MS-DOS 

Here are my questions:

1. What is the proper way to install from an MS-DOS hard disk partition?  

2. How can I make floppies to install the entire thing from floppy disks?

3. How do I fill in the information fields in order to install using FTP 
from  I have a SLIP account with, but it was not 
clear to me how to fill in the FTP fields.  For instance, what is the "IP 
number" for  Do I use my IP address, user name, and host 
name from US Net, even though I am not connected at that point?

Thanks for you help!

Stuart Hoffman

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