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Date:      Sat, 25 Apr 2009 20:09:15 -0400
From:      "martes" <>
To:        Steve Bertrand <>
Cc:, martes <>
Subject:   Re: Spamassassin anyone???
Message-ID:  <>
References:  <1240615371.6029.34.camel@localhost> <> <> <> <>

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>Sat Apr 25 2009 16:33:01 EDT from Steve Bertrand to Gary Palmer =20
>Subject: Re: Spamassassin anyone???
>Gary Palmer wrote:
>>> On Sat, Apr 25, 2009 at 01:59:48PM -0400, martes wrote:
>>>> Sorry if this seems like a blinded assumption, however, whenever som=
>>>> about the origin of explicit spam, such as the anti-semetic stuff th=
>>>> posting to the list from an obviously mangled header source, someone=

>>>> brings up that the lists are not proctared, as if there is not any
>>>> at all, and such obvious garbage is just going to post due to lack o=
>>>> supervision, or spam protocals...
>>> 1) Please do not top post
>>> 2) There are only two known methods for dropping 100% of spam
>>> 2a) Have a human sit and read every single e-mail and make a judgemen=
>>>     call that only a human can do as to the messages legitimacy.  I a=
>>>     not aware of any organization anywhere in the world that has
>>>     managed to get that system to scale to any volume.
>>> 2b) Turn off your SMTP server
>>> The lists are not *moderated*, other than the -announce lists and
>>> freebsd-security-notifications.  Most of the lists are open to
>>> all posters and not just list members as not everyone who wants
>>> to be involved in the project or who uses FreeBSD in some capacity
>>> subscribes to the lists.  The exception to that is freebsd-security.
>>> However do not take the lack of enforcement at the mailing list
>>> level as there being no anti-spam measures.  There are a variety
>>> of A/S measures in place that protect not only the mailing list
>>> servers but all e-mail addresses.
>>> If you, or anyone else, feels that they could contribute to the defea=
>>> of spam on the FreeBSD lists (e.g. by being an active moderator with
>>> a long-term commitment to minimising delays in posting caused by
>>> the moderation system) then please feel free to offer your services
>>> to the postmaster team.

>Amen to every single point in every single one of your comments.
>I'm sure that you will provide an update with those who respond to your
>request, that have both operational qualifications, and the time to
>spare, within the coming days... :)
>ps. apologies for the sarcasm, but this is an ISP list for ISP
>operations people (so I thought). Perhaps the FBSD mail spam system has
>a ``qualified admit'' rule or something that they could apply.
>Cheers Gary, keep up the great work.

>I simply wanted to know why every time that a bunch of racist non-sense
>comes through the list multiple times every month or so, all everyone ev=
>says is that there is no moderation on the list, almost like there is an=

>assumption that there is nothing being done at all.

>You guys can personally attack all you want, but I simply wanted to know=

>why  there seemed to be nothing done about this type of thing.  All I ha=
>ever seen is indications that there is nothing to be done because it is=20=
>free, non-moderated list. No one ever responds with something like this=20=
>there is some intent to put someone in their place, evidently.... =20

>It is quite frustrating actualy. But hey, I have my answer now. =20

>You guys can think what you want to about my qulifications. =20

>I am sure not many of you have had to restore datacenter services while
>being shot at, or mortars coming in overhead, etc... So I am sure not
>much  would impress me either....

>Have a good day.=20

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