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Date:      Thu, 28 Mar 2013 08:42:00 +0000
From:      ASSETscope <>
Subject:   ASSETscope Newsletter March, 2013
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     Educational Initiatives E-Newsletter March 2013 [1]

   Welcome to the 91st issue of our newsletter! Each month we try to bring
    you a wide range of information and give you a glimpse of interesting
    practices in the field. Some of you have been kind enough to send us
   feedback. We would like more of you to come forth and share your views
   and suggestions to make the ASSETScope experience a more wholesome one.
              Looking forward to hearing from many more of you!

                             [2]Teacher's Bite

   Mr. Kailash Pawar
   Principal, Presidency School, Mangalore

    "Teacher training is the most important, albeit most neglected aspect
    of modern day schooling in India. It is of vital significance as the
       role of the teacher is fast changing - from the sole source of
        knowledge, he has become just one more source of knowledge."

    "Proper training can establish a teacher as a vital link between the
     vast knowledge that is available to students and its processing. By
   redefining our role as mentors and facilitators, we can save our breed
    from becoming irrelevant. Besides, smart students love smart teachers
                 and training alone can give us this edge."

                               [3]Exam Stress

   Stress affects us all in different ways and at different times. Not all
   stress is bad. It can often heighten our performance as it makes us
   more aware of our surroundings and gives us a sparkle! Just think about
   the actress waiting to go on stage. What may be good stress for someone
   may be a problem for another. Our ability to cope with stress is
   affected by the number of problems/issues we are trying to deal with at
   one time and the support systems we have in place.

                          [4]The Power of Doodling

   Have you ever felt embarrassed when you were caught doodling in a
   meeting? Have you felt a twinge of guilt that perhaps others perceived
   you as not paying attention? Well relax, not only are you in good
   company but one could argue that you are exercising the creative side
   of your brain and in fact are retaining more information than your
   daydreaming counterparts!


                             [6]The World of Books


     What exactly is the world of books? To everyone's delight, these are
       our sources of entertainment. Some irritate book-loving people by
     calling them 'bookworms'. They are ofcourse, unaware of the pride we
        book-lovers have when we are called so. I have no hesitation in
                      admitting that I am a bookworm too.


   Prachi Jain of Class 3, studying in Matushri ULA & DNK English School,
   Chinchpokli, was awarded the Topper Trophy in ASSET English in the
   Summer 2012 test.
   ASSET 2013

   [Mar13_image8.jpg]   Over 3.5 lakh students from over 1000 schools
   acrosss India, Middle East, Singapore and Nepal are taking ASSET every
   year. Be a part of it.

   This issue contains

     [8]Thoughtful Story

     [9]Book Review

     [10]News Bite

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