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Date:      Sun, 20 Mar 2016 08:31:07 +0800
From:      Erich Dollansky <>
To:        "Littlefield, Tyler" <>
Subject:   Re: questions re: upgrading current and jail package management
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On Sat, 19 Mar 2016 17:28:42 -0400
"Littlefield, Tyler" <> wrote:

> I have a few questions I was hoping someone could help me with.
> I'm running FreeBSD 11 using IOCage for jails. Thus far, I have a
> couple questions here:

I do not use IOCage.

> 1) When I portsnap fetch extract in a jail, I get a message telling me
> that /usr/ports is not writable. When I touch a file in /usr/ports I'm
> told it's a read-only filesystem, but mount only shows the root
> directory being mounted. Is this typical? if so, how should ports be
> installed?

/usr/ports is writable in my jails.

> I read that you should not build ports in a jail, but a few of the

I do this all the while. There might be some restrictions I never have

> 3) I am running FreeBSD-11. Is there a good way to update short of
> rebuilding everything? I don't mind doing that, but it's somewhat time
> consuming. Also mergemaster has a bad habbit of breaking my
> /etc/passwd files, etc.

I do not run mergemaster most of the time. If I do, I only allow to
write the changes to /var something and do editing manually afterwards.

But I run the jails on systems running 10 since it was current. Release
versions have the advantage that sudden changes will not interrupt your
work suddenly.


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