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Date:      Sun, 29 Sep 1996 03:22:01 -0400 (EDT)
From:      "Marc G. Fournier" <>
Subject:   ifconfig alias question...
Message-ID:  <>

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	I've just moved into a new office, that has an existing
network/C-class.  I'm trying to get my FreeBSD boxes to use some
of the available IPs on this network, on top of my existing C-class,
and seem to be failing miserably at getting it to work...

	The scenario is similar to:

<---Internet---[Ascend P50]----[My Network]
<---Internet---[Cisco 2500]----[Office Network]

	Okay, so ascii diagrams are *not* my strong point :(

	Basically, we have it setup so that my network can talk
to their network, I can nfs-mount drives from their network to my
machines, and, if its faster for them to go out my P50 to get to
a site on the net, it routes properly...

	If I try to 'ifconfig alias' one of their IPs onto one
of my machines, it will work...but, if I try:


# Initial configuration
ifconfig ed0 inet netmask

# Aliases
ifconfig ed0 alias netmask

	when it boots up, I get the following two error messages
just after it is doing the "route add default" on boot up, after
which it just hangs there:

Sep 29 01:56:52 spirit /kernel: arp info overwritten for by \
Sep 29 01:56:52 spirit /kernel: arp info overwritten for by \

	So I'm figuring that I'm missing something in how I'm trying
to configure things, but can't seem to narrow it down :(

	Essentially, we'd like to dual-IP all the boxes on the network
so that getting to them remotely can go through either Internet route,
at our discretion...

	Can anyone point out what I'm missing?  As I stated, I can do the
ifconfig alias commands from the prompt, and they work fine...but I can't
have the system boot up and auto-configure them for some reason...

thanks for any help/advice in advance...

Marc G. Fournier                        
Systems Administrator @     

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