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Date:      Wed, 31 Oct 2001 17:37:55 -0800
From:      Luigi Rizzo <>
Subject:   HEADS UP: a bunch of ipfw MFC in the next 1-2 days
Message-ID:  <>

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[Bcc to -net and -ipfw because of relevance]

I am about to merge into stable a number of modifications that
have been committed to current over the past month or two.
The most significant ones are:

 * the merge of ipfw rule descriptor and chain pointer. No functional
   change, but the internal data structures and code are way more

 * Bill Fenner's code to make ipfw/dummynet/bridge KLD'able


 * a new type of dynamic rule that lets you limit the number of
   simultaneous connections matching certain criteria (with the
   usual aggregation based on port/address masks)

 * fix spl*() protection in same parts of the code (only relevant
   for RELENG_4);

 * misc fixes that have or should arise while diff'ing old and new
   version of the files in HEAD and RELENG_4 (it happens more
   frequently than people can imagine, especially for those critical
   parts of the system for which we are almost doing independent

While i am carefully reviewing and testing the code before committing,
and try to do the commit at once, we all do mistakes sometime.

So, please test the new code and submit feedback and bug reports
as i complete the commits, put please don't rush and install the
new code on a production machine two seconds after my first commit.

We are sufficiently far away from the next release to do this
commit now and shake down any bugs that should occur.

 Luigi RIZZO,  . ACIRI/ICSI (on leave from Univ. di Pisa)  . 1947 Center St, Berkeley CA 94704
 Phone: (510) 666 2927

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