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Date:      Sat, 30 Mar 2019 22:37:13 -0700
From:      Frank Fenderbender <>
Subject:   FreeBSD desktop "best-fit" Dell platform suggestions?
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I have 17 old-and-new systems running for a development LAN, wherein I =
will be developing cross-platform/platform-independent GNU-licensed =
With the more-open installations I see the logic of picking a system =
AFTER picking an OS is safer in terms of driver support and general =
I've had problems with 32-bit TrueOS (aka GhostBSD) on an old Dell =
Dimension 4550; likewise with Debian GNU/Linux 5.0.3 (lenny) on an old =
HP Pavilion 6465 (p6400).

My Ubuntu 16.04 desktop is running on a Dell Precision 5820 Tower, and =
my Ubuntu 16.04 server is running on a Dell PowerEdge T300 server.

In terms of platforming FreeBSD, I've decided to stay away from systems =
of old, which have compatibility-availability-support issues galore.
However, I do not want to trade in the problems of older systems which =
have drivers covered for newer systems which may not as yet.

So, I am pursuing the "reverse engineering " methodology by fitting a =
system to an OS rather than shoehorning an OS onto a "hardcoded" system.

I have my Dell account to work with and am looking for a dual internal =
HDD (1TB each) workstation with 32GB memory and 1 NIC.
Since it's known that NVIDIA is directly-connected to CIA shenanigans =
which smells of a backdoor security breech from the get-go -- and, I see =
numerous issues on FreeBSD and Ubuntu forums revolving around NVIDIA -- =
I am opting for AMD graphics. I can be persuaded....

Nevertheless, I would appreciate a word from the experienced installers =
(and post-install users) w/r/t their assessment of the "best fit" Dell =
for a FreeBSD desktop installation (perhaps the post-PC-BSD TrueOS' or =
the DesktopBSD rendering).

My goal is a system whereon I can develop and test python3, pyqt5, and =
sqlite3 based software.
I'm uncertain whether PyCharm now officially supported/released for =
FreeBSD, so if anyone has insight on that (or other quality free-to-low =
cost IDEs), I'd appreciate and value your input. Thanks.

I have the following $2,107.33 (every system over the cost of maximizing =
ram and upsizing the internal hdd hurts) configuration in my "shopping =
cart" but am still leery unless I review some "hmm", "uh-oh", and/or =
"voila" comments beforehand, so that I may modify my choice(s) before =
pushing a "buy" button.

If you've seen systems that quite childish, and the elitist views that =
feign dictatorial censoring "strength" only show cowardice and a an =
embracing of ignorance, "fake" awareness, and pseudo-tolerance. So, give =
me your from-the-hip truthful shots and all, even if at Dell. Sadly, =
only [cr]Apple offers credit (through barclayCard) but they cann'yt =
write an OS to save their SJW-converged company at all.. preferring to =
fire or ban or censor criticism instead. Who needs merit anyway?! QA =
only hurts bad programmers' feelings so it's bad and/or "privileged" os =
some other excuse for generalized drooling. ;-)

Okay, back top my starting point system:

Precision 3630 Tower - VR Capable ( $1,679.00 )

-------------------------------			=
Precision Workstation				T3620 MT
Dell Precision Tower 				3620 XCTO BASE
Processor						7th Gen Intel=C2=AE=
 Core=E2=84=A2 i7-7700 (Quad Core 3.6GHz, 4.2Ghz Turbo, 8MB, w/ HD =
Graphics 630)
Operating System				Ubuntu Linux 16.04
Microsoft Office					No Productivity =
Chassis Options					Dell Precision Tower =
3620 Up to 90% efficient 365W Chassis, v2
Video Card						Integrated =
Graphics included
Memory							16GB 2X8GB DDR4 =
Systems Management			No Out-of-Band Systems =
Wireless							No =
Internal Hard Drive Configuration	C2 SATA 3.5, 2 HD
HDD Controller					Integrated Intel SATA =
Boot Hard Drive					3.5" 1TB 7200RPM SATA =
Hard Drive
2nd Hard Drive					1TB, 3.5" SATA (7,200 =
RPM) Hard Drive
3rd Hard Drive					No Additional Hard Drive
4th Hard Drive					No Additional Hard Drive
5th Hard Drive					No Additional Hard Drive
Optical Drive						16x DVD-ROM =
drive and 19-in-1 Media Card Reader
Hard Drive RAID					No RAID
Keyboard						Dell KB216 Wired =
Keyboard English Black
Mouse							Dell MS116 Wired =
Mouse Black
Network Card					1Gbit NIC add-in card =
(PCIe- Intel)
Thunderbolt Card				No Thunderbolt Add in =
Serial Port / PS2 Adapter			No Serial Port/PS2 =
Power Cords						US Power Cord
Placemat						Documentation =
Resource DVD					Dell Precision T3620 =
Resource DVD
Operating System Recovery Options	OS-Windows Media Not Included
Energy Star						Energy Star
Optical Software					PowerDVD =
Software not included
Dell Threat Protection and Endpoint Security Suite=E2=80=8B	No Dell =
Data Protection | Endpoint Security Suite Software
Storage Volume					No Raid Configuration =
over 2TB
Canada Ship Options				Non-Canada orders only
Packaging						Dell Precision =
Driver							No Wireless LAN =
Regulatory Label					Tower 3620 =
Regulatory Label DAO
Documentation / Disks			Safety/Environment and =
Regulatory Guide (English/French Multi-language)
Non-Microsoft Application Software		Ubuntu Linux
Cables and Dongles				Video Cable, =
DisplayPort-to-VGA, One VGAConnection, One Adapter
UPC Label						No UPC Label
Hard Drive Software				No Intel Technology =
Processor Branding				=
Stands and Mounts				No Stand
Hardware Support Services		5 Years ProSupport Plus with =
Next Business Day Onsite Service
IEEE 1394						No Firewire Card
Speakers and Soundbars			No External Speaker

I figure it easier to re-install on an Ubuntu ws than a Windows 10 one, =
esp. when I do not want to pay a fee to Mictrosoft just to erase it.
Many of us would like to be so well-off to do that... most of us are =

thanks for your suggestions,

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