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Date:      Sat, 8 Feb 2020 23:35:28 -0800
From:      Ihor Antonov <>
Subject:   Difficulties of LibreSSL in base
Message-ID:  <20200209073528.247mb7f4ctvn4w7f@sea-ll-10936>

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Hi evereyone!

I was researching the possibility of building base with LibreSSL (and
without OpenSSL) and I found a few outdated references on the wiki 
[1, 2]. HardenedBSD and LibreBSD [3, 4] projects also seem to have 
tried following that path. But according to git HardenedBSD
have hardly updated LibreSSL in 2 years, and the project does not claim
to have LibreBSD in base [5]

So before diving into the weeds I decided to ask community what dragons
live down that road? What are the challenges?  Have anybody succeeded in
builing base with LibreSSL with recent version (12 or 13)? And if yes
what advice can you give me?



Ihor Antonov

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