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Date:      Sat, 24 Mar 2001 10:27:13 -0600
From:      "Eric D. Stanfield" <>
To:        "freebsd2" <>
Subject:   server problem
Message-ID:  <003001c0b47f$485a5620$>
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Wondering if anyone else has ever had this happen.

I have a server set up that runs the online game CounterStrike.  Basically,
cron launches counterstrike every evening at 5pm then turns it off at 8am by
calling a little shell script (for both launch and kill).  Counterstrike
sets aside 128M of ram for its own use.  This has worked well for months.

Yesterday, cron turned counterstrike on.  Then cron did it again.  And
again.  I telnetted in from home and saw around 12-15 counterstrike
processes fighting to load/stay loaded.  The login process itself took about
20 minutes to get from prompting for a username to giving me a command
prompt.  I barely managed to do a ps -ax to see all the c-s processes before
getting dumped out of telnet.  At that point it would appear that inetd died
because ftp/telnet no longer accept connections.  Oddly enough, Apache is
still running and I can pull a web page off the machine albeit at a snail's

As I said, the server has been running this scenario without problems for
months.  I've not edited cron or changed anything else on the machine.  The
server is running 4.2-Current and is a p2-266 with 256M of ram and endless
gigs of disk space.

Has anyone seen this happen before?  I'm guessing that cron is bugging out
and repeatedly launching this counterstrike process.  I can't find anything
related to bugs with cron in this release.  While this is "only a game
machine"  I do run a number of production machines on 4.2-current and I'm
very worried at this point that I might find myself dealing with this in a
much more critical environment.



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