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Date:      Fri, 11 Sep 2020 08:58:23 +0200
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Subject:   RE: Livelock on recent current
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> On 09.09.20 06:18, Kevin Oberman wrote:
> > I am seeing a problem since I moved to current on my laptop this week.
> > It's odd as it is linked to the keyboard. As long as the keyboard is
> > active, everything is fine, but if the keyboard is not used, after a
> > few minutes, it locks up and gets very hot. The system may be busy or
> > idle. The system seems completely locked. It does not respond in the
> > network and the display, X or just vt is frozen. The only factor is use
of the
> keyboard.

I'm actually very happy someone else ran into this too! I have a Lenovo T490
(azerty edition, yeah I known ...)
I found it incredible hard to describe, but i have the exact same problem.
I categorized it as "random system freezes", but now that you say its
related to keyboard interaction it makes sense when I observe the lock.

System locks up when it happens and the fan ramps up AFTER the dead lock.
I'm pretty sure the getting "hot" symptom is caused by the deadlock and not
a symptom of the deadlock.

> Reminds me of this bug:

I am also using a non default keyboard layout, as described in the bug
I'll probably try the patch in the coming weekend to see if it helps.

> I've been experiencing similar hangs when that timer in atkbd is enabled.
> doesn't seem to happen in the default keyboard configuration, though.
> -Jan
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