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Date:      Wed, 2 Feb 2000 18:48:53 +1030
From:      Greg Lehey <>
To:        Chip <>
Cc:, questions@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: Adding another hd and can't mount it
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <00020200005400.00325@chip.homenet>
References:  <00020200005400.00325@chip.homenet>

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On Tuesday,  1 February 2000 at 23:36:20 -0800, Chip wrote:
> Hi,
> I just installed a 2nd hd and ran sysinstall, got it partitioned and
> the file system set up properly. When I try to mount it (as root)I
> get the following message:
> chip# mount /dev/wdc3 /home/2nddrive
> mount: No such file or directory                (** yes there is **)

No, there isn't.  The disk name is invalid.  I'm sure that 'ls -l
/dev/wdc3' will tell you that it doesn't exist.

> chip# mount
> /dev/wd1s1a on / (local, writes: sync 36 async 155)
> /dev/wd1s1f on /usr (local, writes: sync 144 async 444)

Note the names of these disks?  They have a letter (a or f) at the
end.  That's the correct syntax.

> So then I try it a little differantly:
> chip# mount /dev/wd3 /home/2nddrive
> mount: /dev/wd3 on /usr/home/2nddrive: incorrect super block

This message is correct:

> 8 partitions:
> #        size   offset    fstype   [fsize bsize bps/cpg]
>   a:  3715136   409600    4.2BSD     1024  8192    16   # (Cyl.   25*- 256*)
>   b:   409600        0      swap                        # (Cyl.    0 - 25*)
>   c:  4124736        0    unused        0     0         # (Cyl.    0 - 256*)

/dev/wd3 is effectively /dev/wd3s0c, which is not a file system.  It
starts at the same place as the swap, so you were effectively trying
to mount your swap partition.  You have your file system on partition
a, so you should be saying

 # mount /dev/wd3a /data

(I've deliberately not written /home/2nddrive, because it's not a good
idea to mount disks that far down).

> After this response I tried the following:
> chip# mount /dev/wd3s1 /home/2nddrive
> mount: /dev/wd3s1 on /usr/home/2nddrive: incorrect super block

Yes, that is reasonable.  You were still trying to mount swap.

> I also ran newfs /dev/wd3s1 and got the following messages:
> chip# newfs /dev/wd3s1
> newfs: /dev/wd3s1: not a character-special device

It should have been /dev/rwd3a.

> Warning: 4032 sector(s) in last cylinder unallocated
> <snip>
> I'm not sure if I needed to run that command, but did it anyway.

No, you shouldn't have done that.  Now you have overwritten the file
system on partition a.   I hope there was no data on it.  To recover,
as above:

  # newfs /dev/rwd3a

> Now, I made the directory '2nddrive' inside the directory /home, so
> it looks like this - /home/2nddrive, and I have also tried using
> /mnt/2nddrive, with the same results. Why does the 2nd line above
> show /usr/home/2nddrive?

As I said, this isn't a good idea.  The mount output above shows that
you don't have a file system /home, so it looks as if, on your system,
/home is a symbolic link to /usr/home, which is why mount changes the

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