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Date:      Sat, 11 Feb 2012 06:48:08 -0500
From:      Jerry <>
To:        FreeBSD <>
Subject:   Re: Wireless Problem
Message-ID:  <20120211064808.171d2c88@scorpio>
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On Fri, 10 Feb 2012 22:58:22 +0100
zaklinaczcipek128 articulated:

> Hi,
> I'm struggling with my wireless cards couple days and I can't figure
> out what's wrong. Following I'm under FreeBSD 9.0 RELEASE and ever
> since I've used it I can't connect to any wireless network. I've got
> Atheros NIC and under every other OS it works fine, even earlier when
> I were under FreeBSD 7.2 it worked well, but now I got weird issues.
> I read a lot of it. I followed handbook with no success. I can
> connect to the network (no difference if it secured or not) i get IP
> from DHCP but I can't even ping my router. All drivers are loaded,
> my /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf is all right, I even add a line to
> the /etc/resolve.conf. I've reinstalled FreeBSD 9.0 and first thing I
> wanted to check was my wireless and unfortunately, it's the same, not
> working, same problem. Does the FreeBSD9.0 has any hidden firewall
> which block my ping ? My router is find. Firstly, I thought I was a
> bug then I bought another NIC with Realtek 8187 chipset and things
> look the same. Both cards can scan networks with results, and they
> seem to work proper so any ideas what can be wrong ?

It might have been nice if you had given your router information.
Anyway, did you happen to assign a specific IP to your machine in the
routers configuration? Usually something like: http// or or something like that will get you into the router's
configuration screen. I am assuming that the router is assigning you IP
and not your PC. You might try shutting down everything, including the
router, possibly even zeroing out the router (probably totally
unnecessary) and restarting the router then a minute later the rest of
your network. See what happens then. Did you check the "/etc/hosts"
file for any errant entries?

Jerry ♔

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