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Date:      Wed, 18 Jun 2003 21:03:18 +0100
From:      "Robert Hulme" <>
To:        <>
Subject:   Problems with wi on 5.1-CURRENT
Message-ID:  <000001c335d4$a99c2f70$0b07a8c0@hal9000>

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Yesterday I sent in an email to freebsd-current about the problems with
wi in 5.1-Current. There haven't been any replies to suggest anyone
knows why this is happening, how to fix it, or anyone looking into
fixing it.

Can someone please direct me as to which list (or which person) I should
contact to make them aware of the problem?

I've checked the cvs entries @

All the recent changes were done by someone called 'imp'. Should I email
this person? (if so what is there email address?)



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