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Date:      Thu, 19 Aug 1999 01:39:44 -0400
From:      "Ian Molee" <>
To:        <>
Subject:   CFLAGS for building ports?
Message-ID:  <000001beea05$3de27560$>

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I've been happily building ports on my 3.2-stable system since I got it
basically working several weeks ago.  Recently I built the gnome-1.0.0. meta
port (which in turn built everything it required).  I was upset to find
that--among other things (does enlightenment work reliably for anyone?
ack!)--everything seemed to be running rather sluggishly.

Upon further reflection, I realized that I've been building _everything_
without having any CFLAGS or CXXFLAGS environment variables set (or passing
them as in "make CFLAGS=-O2 install").  A rookie question indeed, but do
most folks have C[XX]FLAGS defined to their favorite optimization (and
miscellaneous) settings before building ports (e.g., set in your .profile,
.shrc, or equivalent) or set them at build time?  If so, I expect definitely
explain a lot of the sluggishness I'm witnessing:  I even had to build
XFree86 as a port (I upgraded via CVSup from 3.1-release).

Additionally, is there a way to easily rebuild only the ports that you've
already built and installed?  I thought that issuing a "make reinstall" from
/usr/ports might do it, but this appears to not do anything differently from
"make install" in the same location--at least not before the point at which
I utilized Ctrl-C.  I've looked through the ports sections of the Handbook
and The Complete FreeBSD and didn't see anything on this.  Funny, because I
think it might be useful when you perform a make world, thereby updating the
build tools, or to rebuild the installed ports after a CVSup has updated
your /usr/ports hierarchy.

Ian Molee

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