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Date:      Thu, 12 Jul 2007 01:14:56 +1000
From:      Norberto Meijome <>
To:        Eric F Crist <>
Cc:        User Questions <>
Subject:   Re: Some hosting weirdness...
Message-ID:  <20070712011456.016882a2@localhost>
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On Wed, 11 Jul 2007 07:19:09 -0500
Eric F Crist <> wrote:

> What should I look for?  Is there possibly some weird caching issues  
> at their ISPs?  How can I fix this?

Differences in DNS replies  sounds about the problem . You can bypass DNS by
using a hosts file pointing the hostnames to the right IP address. If you find
no problem this way, then it's a DNS server issue (unless the machine u are
testing has some other issues...but it would be unlikely)

You can verify an ISPs own DNS by querying that server in particular (you can
usually find their DNS servers in their support pages, or do 


the answers given may not be the NS used by end users, but should be close

If they have an old record in their cache, you should contact their DNS admin /
NOC. good luck :) ( I know of one or 2 ISPs here in Oz that (used to?) fix the
TTL of zones so they'd save in some traffic...of course, this made a mess of

The problem may also be if the zones for the domains you are having problems
with used to be hosted at those particular ISPs (eg, the ISP NS were the
authoritative servers). If you then set other servers as the authoritative
without asking the ISPs to clean up, their DNS servers will still be serving
(wrongly) authoritative answers with old data. get in touch with them so they
remove your zones from their servers.


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