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Date:      Tue, 6 Sep 2016 16:46:47 +0200
From:      Tijl Coosemans <>
To:        CeDeROM <>
Subject:   Re: ports: on the fly pkg-plist creation from git pull
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On Mon, 5 Sep 2016 15:52:34 +0200 CeDeROM <> wrote:
> I am creating a port from a GIT repository. I would like to keep the
> GIT file structure to user can update the project with GIT tools. I
> know this is not the best and not even the valid way to update, but in
> this particular case there is no other choice yet.. and the project
> changes really fast so updates from GIT are reasonable and desired.
> Hopefully it will change in a next major release and we can simply
> create a package.
> I did the simple automation of project clone, submodiles clone,
> initial configuration, etc, inside port Makefile.
> The problem is with the pkg-plist. I can create one with `make plist`
> based on the staged filesystem and it works until update. I would like
> make to create a plist file after fetch and build as a part of
> automation. How can I call `make makeplis` on each build?

pkg-plist is processed before the staging area is created so running
makeplist from post-install or post-stage is too late.  You'll have to
do something like this instead:

	(cd ${STAGEDIR}${PREFIX} && ${FIND} -s * -not -type d >> ${TMPPLIST})

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