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Date:      Sun, 7 Nov 2004 10:44:33 +0100
From:      Pawel Malachowski <>
Subject:   Re: Dummynet dynamically assigned bandwidth
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On Sun, Nov 07, 2004 at 12:21:55PM +0300, Martes Wigglesworth wrote:

> I have had a problem getting dynamic bandwidth assigned while hosts are
> still online. I thought that when a dynamic queue has no packets, hence
> the pipe show displays 0 0 in between used and the last column, the
> queue should disappear, allowing for that segment of bandwidth to be
> utilized fully again. I have not seen this type of functionality, and
> would like help to get a better understanding of it.
> Example:
> pipe 1 config bw 128Kbit/s
> queue 1 config pipe 1 config mask dst-ip 0xffffffff
> queue 1 ip from any to ${int_net} in recv ${ext_dev}
> Result:
> if ext_net={}, and 8 hosts are online, then the queues
> remain even when there is no traffic on that queue.  Aren't the unused
> queues supposed to disappear so that the other hosts may use the
> difference?
> Please help. I have been struggling with this for a while.

By default, it will disappear after some time.
Note, this has nothing to do with bandwidth sharing -- it is shared
immediatly because when queue has nothing to send, system will take
another queue without waiting.

Paweł Małachowski

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