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Date:      Tue, 4 Sep 2007 22:56:44 +0100
From:      "Alexander Lamaison" <>
To:        "'Remko Lodder'" <>
Subject:   RE: Possible typo - portsnap
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Oh sorry :P  I should probably have mentioned, I'm running 5.4-REALEASE.  If
I run pkg_version -vIL= I get:

pkg_version: illegal option -- I
usage: pkg_version [-hv] [-l limchar] [-L limchar] [[-X] -s string] index
       pkg_version -t v1 v2
       pkg_version -T name pattern

If I remove the -I it does the job but, presumably, without the speedup.  I
guess this means the -I flag was added in 6.  My bad.


-----Original Message-----
From: Remko Lodder [] 
Sent: 04 September 2007 22:34
To: Alexander Lamaison
Subject: Re: Possible typo - portsnap

Alexander Lamaison wrote:
> At the bottom of this page part of the command is given as 
>     pkg_version -vIL=
> but apparently pkg_version has no -I option.
> Alex

Hello Alex,

First of all thank you for taking the time to report this and using
FreeBSD, we really appriciate the time and effort taken.

However, pkg_version has the -I option which does the following:

     -I      Use only the index file for determining if a package is out of
             date.  This is much faster than using the version number from a
             port's Makefile, at the expense of potentially giving an incor-
             rect result if the index file is out of date.

at least on my rather recent 6-STABLE :-)

When I run pkg_version -vIL= i get the response that one would
expect. Are you sure you are running a recent version of the
application? Can you share some details with us to see what the
problem might be?



Kind regards,

     Remko Lodder               **
     FreeBSD                    **

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