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Date:      Thu, 30 Dec 1999 15:55:00 +1030
From:      Greg Lehey <>
Cc:        freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: Before I return FreeBSD to the store...
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On Thursday, 30 December 1999 at  0:12:51 -0500, wrote:
> To whom it concerns,
> I have just one question to ask before I decide to purchase 3.4 after I
> return 3.3 to the software superstore where I purchased it... have you fixed
> the damned installation error which prevents me from installing the software
> with an APTAI CD-ROM?

I don't know.

> I am happy to give FreeBSD a chance to prove itself to me but I
> cannot unless I can install it!  If you have not fixed it in this
> version then please keep my e-mail on file so you can notify me when
> you have.

Things don't quite work like that.  ATAPI support is a lot better than
it used to be, but we can't test every drive on the market, and there
are some strange ones out there.  In addition, you haven't even told
us which model you have.

> ps - after spending an hour of my time moving the blasted pin on my
> CD-ROM to every possible combination, without of course the manual,
> in order to make a "slave", I gave up and I have no desire to do it
> again.  Make sure to let me know when FreeBSD is as easy to install
> as ANY of my LINUX packages; including RedHat 6.1 and TurboLinux 4.


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