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Date:      Mon, 16 Apr 2012 18:07:30 +0300
From:      Eugen Konkov <>
To:        Greg Larkin <>
Subject:   Re[2]: newfs create to little inodes
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Здравствуйте, Greg.

Вы писали 16 апреля 2012 г., 17:28:59:

GL> Hash: SHA1

GL> On 4/16/12 10:01 AM, Eugen Konkov wrote:
>> Does newfs always must create sufficient count of inodes? or I
>> must supply some addition options when creating FS?
>> #df -ih Filesystem size   used  avail  capacity iused ifree %iused
>> mounted on /dev/ad0s1a 4.9G   2.1G  2.4G   47%   331k    0     100%
>> /mnt/disk1

GL> Hello Eugen,

GL> Yes, please check the -i option of newfs:

GL> Hope that helps,
GL> Greg

unhappy defaults for disks about ~5G capacity
because of this default create only 350k inodes
installig system and extract ports eats about 95% of inodes =(

but about 50% disk space are free yet

С уважением,

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