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Date:      Mon, 5 Feb 1996 08:24:20 -0600 (CST)
From: (Paul T. Root)
Subject:   SyQuest EZ135, plan 1.4.x (datebook) or linux compat
Message-ID:  <>

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	I've got a couple of things I'm doing on my FreeBSD now.

	First, my SyQuest drive. I have an EZ135 here at work (Solaris 2.5),
and I take it home to put on my FreeBSD system. I used to have Solaris x86
and the drive worked, but had to have PC partitions on it, so sharing between
Sparc and x86 was impossible. 

	Now, I was installing a stand alone FreeBSD machine here at work
and it was asking me if I wanted to by-pass partitions and just go straight
to the disk. Is it possible to do that for second drives? FreeBSD sees the
/SyQuest drive, but I can't get it to mount. 

	Ultimately, I'd like to get another SyQuest for home and just
transport the disks. Is this possible?

	Second, I found on the net, a program called plan. It's a datebook/
calendar manager program. It looks pretty nice. I'm almost ready to drop
calendar manager (Solaris) in favor of it. I have immediate application
for it at home on FreeBSD, unfortunately, it won't compile on FreeBSD (yet)
because it requires Motif (on order). 

	It compiled easily on Solaris, and looks good. It's also in binary
on SunSite for Linux. I grabbed that copy and installed Linux compatibility
in my kernel, but when I run it, the linux version thinks its 1/1/70. 

	So, has anybody either 1) compiled plan on FreeBSD (with Motif) 
or 2) got the linux version to work right?


Paul T. Root - USWEST !NTERPRISE Networking Service

"Take my hand, I'm just a stranger with parasites."  -- Tom Servo, MST 3000

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