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Date:      30 Dec 1999 00:28:23 -0500
From:      Arcady Genkin <>
Subject:   Re: Before I return FreeBSD to the store...
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> I am happy to give FreeBSD a chance to prove itself to me but I cannot unless 
> I can install it!  If you have not fixed it in this version then please keep 
> my e-mail on file so you can notify me when you have.

This is quite amusing. May we also pay you for using FreeBSD? ;^)

> ps - after spending an hour of my time moving the blasted pin on my CD-ROM to 
> every possible combination, without of course the manual, in order to make a 
> "slave", I gave up and I have no desire to do it again.  Make sure to let me 
> know when FreeBSD is as easy to install as ANY of my LINUX packages; 
> including RedHat 6.1 and TurboLinux 4.

What does the CD-ROM's jumper have to do with installing an OS? If it
worked with other OS's, then it should be deemed workable, and let the
jumper alone.

If you really care to get meaningful responses, why don't you post
what exactly happens when you are trying to install from CD-ROM?

I'll try not to forget to let you know when the entire FreeBSD core
team has finished fixing installation problem with symptoms "moving
jumper on CD-ROM between Master and Slave doesn't help". ;^)

Happy new year!
Arcady Genkin                       
"'What good is my pity? Is not the pity the cross upon which he who
loves man is nailed?..'" (Zarathustra - F. Nietzsche)

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