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Date:      Sun, 17 Jun 2001 19:24:33 +0200
From:      Brad Knowles <>
To:        Rahul Siddharthan <>
Cc:        Ted Mittelstaedt <>, chat@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: Mundie, Perens, GPL, BSD etc again
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At 4:21 PM +0200 6/17/01, Rahul Siddharthan wrote:

>  But they do buy Mercedes... I can't see how any aesthetically minded
>  person can buy the Mercedes A class, but there seems to be a market
>  for it.  Oh well, it looks better than the Smart.

	What I stated was a rather extreme version of a tendency.  Not 
all French citizens are quite that extreme, but that is the tendency.

>  There are also quite a few BMW, a fair number of Volkswagen, and some
>  Fiat and other European makes too (as I estimated above).  Yes, they
>  like French, but as second choice do they prefer European and
>  therefore not buy Japanese or American?

	Yup, anything non-European is greatly disdained.  They at least 
have some grudging respect for the Germans.

Brad Knowles, <>

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/*       Represented as 1045 digit prime number by Phil Carmody         */
/*     Prime as DNS cname chain by Roy Arends and Walter Belgers        */
/*                                                                      */
/*     Usage is:  cat title-key scrambled.vob | efdtt >clear.vob        */
/*   where title-key = "153 2 8 105 225" or other similar 5-byte key    */

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