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Date:      Mon, 24 Jul 2017 22:57:20 +0300
From:      Heikki Lindholm <>
Subject:   Re: kerberized nfs
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Let's try another angle:

FreeBSD bundles an ancient version of heimdal (1.5.2 from 2012). System 
tools, like gssd, link to that version. Ports have newer versions (and 
mit krb5 as well), but how could I make the system tools use them or 
build "ports versions" of the system tools without horrible kludges?

On 21.07.2017 20:06, Heikki Lindholm wrote:
> Hello list,
> I'm trying to mount a kerberized NFSv4 share on FreeBSD 11. It's an 
> experimental setup without DNS; only /etc/hosts based lookup. I can't 
> even get kinit to work and, expectedly, mounting also fails. The problem 
> is that kinit stubbornly tries to get the kerberos kdc records from DNS, 
> although the server's ip is specified in /etc/hosts and it's in 
> krb5.conf and additionally krb5.conf is set to not do any DNS lookups.
> So, I installed MIT kerberos and that version of kinit works fine, but 
> the problem then is, how to make mount use the MIT version?
> Regards,
> Heikki Lindholm
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