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Date:      Tue, 06 Oct 1998 11:29:48 +0800
From:      Chris Avis <>
To:        Andrew Hannam <>
Cc:        owner-freebsd-small@FreeBSD.ORG, FreeBSDSmall <freebsd-small@FreeBSD.ORG>
Subject:   Re: Command-line i/f (Re: PicoBSD)
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I say go with the tiny Web based solution. I think the debate over
command line and web based interfaces was decided long before this
discussion started.

I can guarantee the answer to this question if taken to the Marketing
Division of any organisation. On this issue I believe we go with the
flow or become marginalised. Wether we like it or not the market demands
that "successful" embedded products support a Web Interface.

Option "b" below sounds progressive and a positive step forward. I
propose we adopt this and get something started. I am prepared to
contribute, how do we start this going.


Andrew Hannam wrote:
> > > >> grouping of commands under another keyword, for example: ip,
> > ipx, dial,
> > > etc...
> As long as you are doing the hierarchy breakdown of commands - why not do it
> as a set of web page constructs. A tiny web server, a few text files (html
> pages - forget pictures) and possibly a command interpreter of any flavour.
> This approach is easier for the administrator (no command set to learn).
> Management of the various parts of the system can be separated into separate
> 'cgi-bin' programs of either compiled or interpreted variety depending on
> the situation.
> The one catch:
> You need to establish an IP address before this will work. Subnet mask can
> initially default to (and similarly gateway in this circumstance is
> not relevant).
> There are two solutions to this...
> a) Have a serial (or something else) connection just to set the initial IP
> address.
> b) Use the scheme that many standalone devices such as print servers use.
> Until an IP address is programmed via the web front end - all non-broadcast
> addresses sent to the ethernet card are accepted. Using a static ARP entry
> for the device with any suitable IP address is then sufficient to talk to it
> in this initial state.
> Comments Please ...
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