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Date:      Mon, 13 Jun 2005 09:31:52 -0700
From:      Maksim Yevmenkin <>
To:        Norbert Koch <>
Cc:        "Freebsd-Hackers@Freebsd.Org" <>
Subject:   Re: using vkbd device
Message-ID:  <>
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Hi Norbert,

>> you also might want to look at experimental keyboard mux drivers.
>> it is based on vkbd(4) and uses the idea of one super-keyboard that
>> consumes scancodes from other keyboards. there are still a few
>> issues i need to fix, but, in general, it works.
> I back-ported kbdmux to FreeBSD 4.11 (and stopped work on vkbd). It

thanks for your work and patches! i will merge some of your changes into 
my version. this way it will be easier to maintain (that is if kbdmux(4) 
  will be included in FreeBSD :-)

> seems to work, although I still have some stability issues with
> dynamically attaching/detaching a usb keyboard. For your reference I

would you share with us what sort of issues you are having? feel free to 
move this into private email if you are not comfortable discussing it on 
public mailing list.

> have enclosed a patch file. Sorry for some diffs due to slightly
> different coding and debugging style.

no problem. in one of your previous emails you have been concerned about 
possible keyboard interrupt miss (in vkbd(4)). kbdmux(4) have the same 
issue. is that something you just did not fix yet, or it is not a 
problem anymore? in my local tree a added an extra callout that goes 10 
times a second and queues interrupt if needed. also i'm curious why do 
you use splhigh() instead of spltty()? is this an issue with usb? (not 
sure which spl level usb runs on in 4.x)


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