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Date:      Mon, 01 Jan 1996 20:15:27 -0800 (PST)
From:      Annelise Anderson <ANDRSN@HOOVER.STANFORD.EDU>
Subject:   A Few Questions Re: 2.1

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I've just installed 2.1 and am having trouble getting a few things
1) The mouse.  The mouse is a bus mouse that plugs into an ATI
Mach 32 Graphics Ultra Pro card.  Start-up messages include
mse0 at 0x23c irq 5 on isa.  I've tried various mouse protocols
in XF86Config (MouseMan, Busmouse, Microsoft).  /dev/mouse is
linked to mse0.  I'm not sure this mouse is really using irq 5; 
IRQ 5 is used, I think, by the sound-blaster emulation part of 
the ProAudio Spectrum card.  I tried booting with kernel -c and 
putting mse0 on irq 4.  Then I get a message that mse0 is not 
probed because of a conflict with sio0. A serial mouse, protocol 
Microsoft, device /dev/ttyd0, on sio0, works,
but I'd rather just have one rodent on the desk.
2) The computer hangs up if I try to get a listing of configured
devices with lsdev and at some other odd times.
3) The computer does not reboot with /sbin/shutdown -r now.  It
syncs disks and hangs, requiring a hard reboot.
4) When I try to mount the floppy drives (/sbin/mount -t msdos
/dev/fd0 /mnt) I get a message that the device is not configured.
Start-up messages indicate that the floppy disk controller is found
(fdc0 at 0x3f0-0xdf7 irq 6 drq 2 on isa) but no other messages; all
the floppy devices are listed in /dev.  The controller is a GSI 11
configured as the primary floppy disk controller.
One solved problem--slip seems rather difficult to configure for
negotiating IP addresses dynamically, but dip (Dial Internet Provider?)
works quite easily.  A new port in 2.1, I think.  Very nice.

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