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Date:      Thu, 26 Mar 2009 15:37:05 -0400
From:      L Campbell <>
Subject:   [pkg_add] PACKAGESITE weirdness - URL not correct for dependencies?
Message-ID:  <>

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I'm running a bunch of jails and running the same set of ports between
them. To save myself some CPU time, I've got one jail building
packages for everything I need, then serving those packages out over
HTTP to the rest of the jails.

The package serving jail is at, and is serving packages out
from it's HTTP root, such that requesting the following URLs properly
fetch the desired packages:

I set PACKAGESITE to ''; when I attempt to install
Lighttpd with pkg_add -rv, I get the following output (snipped to
relevant portions):

$ pkg_add -rv lighttpd-1.4.22

scheme:   [http]
user:     []
password: []
host:     []
port:     [0]
document: [/lighttpd-1.4.22.tbz]
(..fetches and installs lighttpd-1.4.22 properly..)

Package 'lighttpd-1.4.22' depends on 'pcre-7.8' with 'devel/pcre' origin.
scheme:   [http]
user:     []
password: []
host:     [All]
port:     [0]
document: [/pcre-7.8.tbz]
---> All:80
looking up All
Error: FTP Unable to get http://All/pcre-7.8.tbz: No address record

Somewhere along the process, something breaks and 'host' doesn't get
set properly. I'm currently poking through the pkg_install code to
figure out wtf is going on, but I figured I'd prod the lists to see if
anyone else hit a similar problem (or knows what I'm doing wrong)
since I'm not familiar with it.

$ uname -a
FreeBSD blah 7.1-RELEASE FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE #0: Thu Jan  1 14:37:25
UTC 2009

Thanks :3

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