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Date:      Thu, 9 Aug 2007 18:47:41 +0200
From:      Nikola Lecic <nlecic@EUnet.yu>
Cc:        Latitude <>,
Subject:   Re: Convince me, please!
Message-ID:  <200708091547.l79FlRsf004474@smtpclu-7.EUnet.yu>
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On Thu, 9 Aug 2007 10:22:51 -0400
Mark Moellering <> wrote:

> Windows does an excellent job of running on almost any hardware.
> (how well it runs is up  for debate)
> FreeBSD is also pretty good at running on just about any hardware,
> however, you may need to do some file manipulation to get your video
> display soundcard or some other peripherals to work.

I deeply disagree here. Any comparison between FreeBSD and window$ in
that field is bogus. What an "excellent job" is windows$ doing?
Virtually all hardware is designed having them in mind but in some cases
ignoring users of open source systems.

Moreover, m$ obviously has a policy of convincing people that hardware
exists only to be a platform for window$ and many users really think
so. If you buy the simplest piece of hardware such as keyboard, it will
come with "Running/Works with Windows Vista" inscription. This is a
deception: it hides the fact that there is nothing special with the
simple keyboard. What does this stupid message mean? Nothing, but it
reveals a flawed and very harmful approach (for example that your
laptop is "Designed for Windows XP"). So where is there an excellent

> Depending on what hardware you are running, FreeBSd may load and have
> you up and running with a windows like desktop with a minimum of
> fuss.  If you need to edit and recompile your kernel or hand edit
> your X windows configuration file , it will become a nightmare. =20

Could you please expand on this? There is no connection between
"nightmare" and things where everything is clear and open.

Nikola Le=C4=8Di=C4=87

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