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Date:      Sat, 16 Jun 2001 06:11:42 -0400
From:      "Troy Brocato" <>
To:        <>
Subject:   Perl PAM issues on doing cvsup stable-supfile
Message-ID:  <000001c0f64c$bde8ec80$>

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	I recently was moving from 4.3-Release to 4.3-Stable.  Upon doing a cvsup
stable-supfile, I promptly did a make world, make buildkernel and make
installkernel.  All of these processes finished correctly and the contents
of my makefile.conf are as follows:

# $FreeBSD: src/etc/defaults/make.conf,v 2000/11/10 10:48:10 ru
Exp $
# This file, if present, will be read by make (see /usr/share/mk/
# It allows you to override macro definitions to make without changing
# your source tree, or anything the source tree installs.
PPP_NOSUID=true        		 # to build ppp with normal permissions
NO_LPR=true           			  # do not build lpr and related programs
NO_X=true              			 # do not compile in XWindows support (e.g.
NODESCRYPTLINKS=true    		# do not replace libcrypt -> libscrypt links
NOGAMES=true            		# do not build games (games/ subdir)
NOPERL=true             			# do not build perl stuff
NOUUCP=true            			 # do not build uucp related programs
USA_RESIDENT=YES       		 # set to YES if you are a US resident
FORCE_PKG_REGISTER=YES	  	# help ports developers to debug

After rebooting I get the following errors when webmin starts up at system
boot.  The following lines are from my messages file:

Jun 16 05:53:04 mail perl: unable to dlopen(/usr/lib/
Jun 16 05:53:04 mail perl: [dlerror: /usr/lib/ Undefined symbol
Jun 16 05:53:04 mail perl: adding faulty module: /usr/lib/

you are able to login to the system but anything that deal with PERL and
passwords thru PAM will not work, i.e.  WEBMIN, or anything that requires

Currently I have about 300 Customers that are not able to connect to their
email via webmain interface due to this issue.  Any help will be appreciated

Thank You!

Troy Brocato
CTO - Intuos Communications, Inc.

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