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Date:      Sat, 15 Feb 2020 23:26:23 +0100
From:      Ralf Mardorf <>
Subject:   Re: Technological advantages over Linux
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Nobody actually knows, if most IoT devices, such as vacuum cleaners,
refrigerators and sandwich toasters are using an embedded Linux or BSD.
I fear that most of that crap does use Linux. While I prefer Linux over
FreeBSD for my needs, this IoT crap could become a reason for me to
migrate to FreeBSD, just to express opposition against a step into the
wrong direction. There is no need for a sandwich toaster to know how
much cheese is inside of the refrigerator and the vacuum cleaner
doesn't need information about possible crumbs on the carpet, because
the user likes to eat a toasted sandwich.

That something is more used then something else, doesn't necessarily
indicate that it's the best choice or that the usage is reasonable at

I bet that more desktop computers on this planet run Windows, than
FreeBSD or Linux for tasks, in domains that are better supported by
FreeBSD or Linux.

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