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Date:      Fri, 18 Jan 2008 11:24:27 +1300
From:      "Brent Jones" <>
To:        "Jason C. Wells" <>, "freebsd general questions" <>
Subject:   RE: Gutman Method on Empty Space
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> Jason C. Wells
> Sent: Thursday, 17 January 2008 9:10 p.m.
> To: freebsd general questions
> Subject: Gutman Method on Empty Space
> Can anyone recommend a utility for the secure overwriting of=20
> unused disc=20
> space?

split -b 200m /dev/random randomdata ; sync && rm randomdata*

Run as many times as your paranoia factor requires on your file system.
Gutman suggests in his own writings that overwriting with random data
makes the most sense with modern disks.  Run as root to extend the
writes past the soft filesystem limit.  Use whatever split parameters
you fancy for the file sizes.  The "srm" port has fancy features for
file/directory deletions.


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