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Date:      Sun, 3 Nov 1996 10:23:07 -0500
From:      Lawrence Leung <>
Subject:   perl script recognition
Message-ID:  <v03007800aea266d04e67@[]>

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I've installed FreeBSD 2.1.5Release with Perl installed from the menus.
Running perl scripts by directly calling the interpreter works fine, but
the system does not want to run any scripts purely by typing in the name of
the script (i.e. "").

Is there a step that I've missed to get the system to recognize perl scripts?


1. First line of perl scripts is "#!/usr/bin/perl"
2. ls -l /usr/bin/perl returns
   -r-xr-xr-x  1 bin  bin  278528 Jul 16 22:20 /usr/bin/perl
3. which perl returns
4. If I type "perl" from the command line, everything
   seems to work fine.

Thanks in advance...

Lawrence Leung

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