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Date:      Mon, 05 Mar 2012 11:12:42 +0100
From:      "Dr. A. Haakh" <>
Subject:   on purpose or forgotten ? hardcoded compiler in basesystem-makefiles
Message-ID:  <>

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a quick search revealed following usages:

FreeBSD 9.0-STABLE FreeBSD 9.0-STABLE #0: Wed Feb 29 
13:49:36 CET 2012  i386

ah@abaton:~$ find /usr/src/ -name Makefile\* -exec egrep 
'^[[:blank:]]+[gc+]{2,3}[[:blank:]]+..' {} \; -print
     cc -D__dead2="" -D__unused="" -Darc4random=random 
-D__FBSDID="static const char *id=" -DDEFSHELLNAME=\"sh\" -I. -c *.c
     cc *.o -o pmake
         gcc -M $(CFLAGS) $(SRC) >> Makefile.tmp
         gcc -M $(CFLAGS) $(SRC) >> Makefile.tmp
         gcc -M $(CFLAGS) $(SRC) >> Makefile.tmp
     cc -I../../include divtest.c -o divtest ../../libcrypto.a
     cc -g -I../../include bnbug.c -o bnbug ../../libcrypto.a
     gcc -I../../include -g2 -ggdb -o exptest exptest.c ../../libcrypto.a
     gcc -I.. -g div.c ../../libcrypto.a
     cc -g -I../../include -c test.c
     cc -g -I../../include -o test test.o -L../.. -lcrypto
     cc -g -I../../include -c pk.c
     cc -g -I../../include -o pk pk.o -L../.. -lcrypto
     gcc -o ${.TARGET} ${_f} -lrt
     c++ -o $@ $< -lpthread
     gcc -c -o elftls.o ${.CURDIR}/elftls.S
     gcc -c -o tls-test.o ${.CURDIR}/tls-test-lib.c
     gcc $(CFLAGS) -rdynamic -o ttls3 ${.CURDIR}/tls-test.c
     gcc -Wall -o accf_data_attach accf_data_attach.c
         gcc $(LDFLAGS) $(DLL_LN_OPTS) ./lib/$*$(DLL_TAG).lib \
         gcc $(LDFLAGS) $(DLL_LN_OPTS) ./lib/$*$(DLL_TAG).lib \
     g++ -o $@ paranoia.o real.o $(LIBIBERTY)
     gcc -o asyncwatch asyncwatch.c ${CFLAGS}
     gcc -o devinfo devinfo.c ${CFLAGS}
     gcc -o device_list device_list.c  ${CFLAGS}
     gcc -o rc_pingpong rc_pingpong.c pingpong.c ${CFLAGS}
     gcc -o srq_pingpong srq_pingpong.c pingpong.c ${CFLAGS}
     gcc -o uc_pingpong uc_pingpong.c pingpong.c ${CFLAGS}
     gcc -o ud_pingpong ud_pingpong.c pingpong.c ${CFLAGS}
             cc -E $$i |\
     cc -o test ${.CURDIR}/test.c -lrpcsvc
     cc -o test test.c -lrpcsvc
     gcc -g -DSPARC_XXX ${MUL} -o ${.TARGET}
     gcc -g -DSPARC_XXX ${DIVREM} -o ${.TARGET}
     cc ${CFLAGS} -static tst01.o -o tst01 libdisk.a
     gcc -g3 msgring.lex.c msgring.yacc.c -o msgring

ah@abaton:~$ find /usr/src/ -name Makefile\* -exec egrep 
'^[[:blank:]]+cpp[[:blank:]]+..' {} \; -print
     cpp -DOVLY_IRQ_SAVE $(srcdir)/emultempl/spu_ovl.S spu_ovl.s
     cpp -DOVLY_IRQ_SAVE $(srcdir)/emultempl/spu_ovl.S spu_ovl.s

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