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Date:      Mon, 27 Jun 2011 02:43:38 -0700 (PDT)
From:      Bill Tillman <>
To:        Lars Eighner <>, wayne mitchell <>
Subject:   Re: cvs vs. DVD
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=0A=0A=0A=0A=0A________________________________=0AFrom: Lars Eighner <luvbe=>=0ATo: wayne mitchell <>=
=0ACc: Sun, June 26, 2011 3:57:50 PM=0ASubjec=
t: Re: cvs vs. DVD=0A=0AOn Sun, 26 Jun 2011, wayne mitchell wrote:=0A=0A> h=
ey,=0A> be warned, you are dealing with a=A0 'newbie'=0A=0A=0ABe warned, I =
don't know the official best practices response.=A0 I'm =0Ajust telling you=
 what I would do^H^Htry in your circumstances.=0A=0A> i have one machine th=
at has internet access and another that does not=0A> both machines were ins=
talled with FreeBSD_RELEASE_8_1 with a DVD=0A> i am now using cvsup to upgr=
ade the RELENG_8_1_RELEASE tree=0A>=0A> my second machine does not have wor=
king ethernet=0A>=0A> how do i transfer the updated ports tree to the other=
 machine using=0A> only storage media (DVD, USB)=0A=0AThis is assuming 1) Y=
ou haven't crossed a major release number since you=0Ainstalled from disc o=
n both. 2) you know how to make a dvd from a file=0Asystem.=A0 Since you ar=
e going from BSD to BSD, you don't have to make ISOs,=0Abut it will do no h=
arm if you do (and might even be good for you).=0A=0AIn the updated machine=
 go to /usr/src/ and make clean.=A0 The official right=0Away, I think is to=
 use backup to make the file you will write to DVD and=0Arestore on the net=
dead machine to recreate /usr/src/ from disc. tar + dd or=0Acp might work. =
(backup and restore are commands, check them out)=0A=0AThen on the netdead =
machine do the make buildworld, make kernel, etc. to=0Aupdate the machine's=
 system.=A0 The instructions are in /usr/src/UPDATING near=0Athe bottom.=0A=
=0AIn /usr/ports/ (master machine) use portsclean -CDP. This should clean o=
ut=0Aall the working directories and the old versions of packages and=0Adis=
tributions which are no longer necessary to recreate the ports you have=0Ai=
nstalled.=A0 This is not strictly necessary, but there is no point in=0Acar=
rying over the deadwood.=A0 If you have a relatively young installation,=0A=
on the other hand, this may not save much.=0A=0ANow you can do whatever you=
 did (backup/restore), dd, etc. with the source=0Atree to the ports tree.=
=A0 Then you can update ports on the slave machine, or=0Ahold off. The impo=
rtant thing is for the ports tree itself to be somewhat=0Ain sync with worl=
d.=0A=0A> my guess (hack) is to find all relavent files/data trees and simp=
ly=0A> copy over, then run necessary updates (portsdb, make world...)=0A=0A=
Do not mess directly with the ports database (in /var/db/pkg) on either=0Am=
achine.=A0 Until you actually do some updates in ports, pkgdb, which=0Adeal=
s with installed ports, will not change.=0A=0A> if that is correct then can=
 you tell where those files are ?=0A=0AThe whole ports tree is in /usr/port=
s/.=A0 This should include the distfiles=0Aand packages you have installed =
since you installed from disc.=A0 The=0Awhole source tree is in /usr/src/.=
=A0 It is possible to install from disc=0Awithout installing either of thes=
e, but if you have been cvsup'ing or cvs=0Asource and ports on the netlive =
machine, it certainly has them.=A0 If you did=0Anot install them on the net=
dead machine, you can install the copies from=0Athe netlive machine without=
 further ado.=A0 You can even delete them from=0Athe netdead machine (if th=
ey are there) on the netdead machine, and you=0Awill still have an operable=
 system -- nothing in them is necessary to run.=0ABut if you have the disc =
space, I suggest you rename (mv) them until you=0Aknow your update is succe=
ssful.=A0 I suggest you go through the mergemaster=0Aboth times in rebuildi=
ng the system on the netdead machine. It is almost=0Aimpossible to keep con=
figuration files sufficiently in sync to make copying=0A/etc and /usr/local=
/ect a viable plan (moreover, it would certainly be wrong=0Ato do so if bot=
h machines are on a net, local or internet).=0A=0A=0A> if not then how shou=
ld i do this ?=0A=0AI think you are basically on the right track.=0A=0AThis=
 probably will work across major releases and with drastically different=0A=
architectures between the machines, but caution on the target machine is in=
=0Aorder.=A0 (Other than cleaning, this process should not involve anything=
=0Aremotely dangerous to the source machine.)=0A=0A-- =0ALars Eighner=0Ahtt=
p:// N IH35 APT 1191 AUSTIN TX 78753-5=
266=0A=0A_______________________________________________=0Afreebsd-question= mailing list=0A
bsd-questions=0ATo unsubscribe, send any mail to "freebsd-questions-unsubsc="=0A=0A=0A=0ACall me old-fashioned but with Ethernet cards =
only costing $5 these days, what's =0Aholding you back from installing a NI=
C in the other machine. This would simplify =0Aall your problems.

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