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Date:      Wed, 6 Oct 2004 08:46:49 +0930
From:      Greg 'groggy' Lehey <>
To:        John Souvestre <>
Subject:   Re: Vinum Help Needed (was: Mail auth and FreeBSD/Sendmail)
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On Tuesday,  5 October 2004 at  7:47:24 -0500, John Souvestre wrote:
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Please don't reply to unrelated threads.  See for more details.

> I'm running Vinum on a 4.9 system with 3 drives.  The first drive is
> a small one and I boot from it.  The second and third drive are
> mirrored, using Vinum, and contain most of the system's data (1
> volume, 1 plex per drive, 1 subdisk per plex).
> The system locked up on me this morning.  When I rebooted there was
> a problem with the Vinum mirrored drives.  When I did a "list" from
> Vinum both subdisks were "stale" and both plexes were "faulty".
> ...

> I'm guessing that I blew away the first plex.

I can't guess what you did.

> Is there any way to get the second plex up and running, and to
> restore the first plex from it?


Please read, retrace
your steps and see if you can work out what you did wrong.  If not,
please supply the information asked for there, and maybe somebody will
be able to help you.

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