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Date:      Mon, 11 Jan 2021 01:53:45 +0000
From:      "Thomas Mueller" <>
Subject:   Re: github ports
References:  <>

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from LuMiWa via freebsd-questions <>:

> I decided from many years to switch from portsnap tu github.
> Is it git clone /usr/portsokay,
> please? How are my ports in /usr/pors. It will replace them? And for
> update ports is git update
> /usr/ports

I believe svn is still the most fully up-to-date way to track ports tree.

This was also true for src and doc trees prior to the recent switch to git.

As I remember, FreeBSD used csup for src and doc trees, also ports tree, but switched to svn in 2012 because of a security breach with csup.

I used portsnap before that for the ports tree, but then switched to svn, since I was tracking src and doc trees and was motivated by one-stop shopping.

I expect to switch to git with ports tree as well around the end of March when the ports tree is expected to switch from svn to git.

I suspect portsnap will no longer be workable.


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