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Date:      Mon, 13 Mar 95 22:53:00 GMT
From:      James Vaughton <>
To:        porter <>, (James Vaughton), freebsd-questions (FreeBSD Questions List) <>
Subject:   Re: adding DOS partition to fstab
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <>; from "Ron Porter" at Mar 13, 95 8:01 am

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Ron, I have had some success mounting my dos partitions from inside
FreeBSD 2.0-RELEASE, I have two drives, the layout looks like...
wd0  :  dos drive c           /dev/wd0e
        freebsd swap          /dev/wd0b
wd1  :  dos drive d           /dev/wd1e
        freebsd partition     /dev/wd1a
The /dev/wdxx entries are derived from the disklabel utility in the
sysinstall script... and here's a copy of the working fstab, it is
quite simple...
|o|   # cat /etc/fstab                                            |o|
|o|                                                               |o|
|o|   /dev/wd1a       /               ufs     rw      1       1   |o|
|o|   /dev/wd0b       none            swap    sw      0       0   |o|
|o|   /dev/wd0e       /dos/drivec     msdos   ro      0       0   |o|
|o|   /dev/wd1e       /dos/drived     msdos   ro      0       0   |o|
|o|   proc            /proc           procfs  rw      0       0   |o|
Any problems, email me a copy of the setup and I'll give you a hand...



James V.

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