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Date:      Thu, 29 Nov 2012 22:21:30 -0600
From:      Paul Schmehl <>
To:        FreeBSD Questions List <>
Subject:   Re: Unexepected results when piping syslog to a fifo
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--On November 29, 2012 1:30:25 PM -0600 Paul Schmehl <> 

> I'm working on a project which requires that I pipe a remote syslog to a
> fifo so a daemon can parse the results.  After some googling I *thought*
> that I had figured out how to configure syslog to do this.  Here's the
> syslog.conf entry:
> +
> *.* | cat > /var/run/program/program.fifo
> This seems to work for one syslog message.  The rest go to
> /var/log/messages.
> So I tried this:
> +
> *.* | tail -f > /var/run/program/program.fifo
> But that seems to do the same thing.
> I want these messages to be piped to the fifo *only* and not show up in
> local logs.  What's the secret sauce for this?

Now I'm even more confused.  According to man (5) syslog.conf, a pipe 
should redirect its output to /dev/null.

         " A vertical bar (``|''), followed by a command to pipe the 
         messages to.  The command is passed to sh(1) for evaluation, so 
         shell metacharacters or input/output redirection can occur.  (Note
         however that redirecting stdio(3) buffered output from the invoked
         command can cause additional delays, or even lost output data in 
         a logging subprocess exited with a signal.)  The command itself 
         with stdout and stderr redirected to /dev/null."

And yet this:

*.* |cat > /var/run/program/program.fifo results in the log data going both 
to the fifo and to /var/log/messages.  I really don't want to fill up the 
messages log with this stuff.  Any suggestions?

Paul Schmehl, Senior Infosec Analyst
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