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Date:      Wed, 18 Mar 2009 19:57:38 +0100
From:      Maca Cassar <>
Subject:   Re: Linux Compatability
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On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 6:52 PM, Adam Vande More <>wrote:

> rasz wrote:
>> hi
>> i have 2 distinct questions, and first is, i installed a linux app
>> (binaries) and it failed
>> when run complaining that it needs a "CPU with SSE instuctions enabled".
>> does anyone know what this is and related too?
>> i am running 7.2-prerelease i386 with linux_base-fc4. the only setting i
>> have is fallback_elf_brand=3 (no osrelease)
>> has anyone ever come across this?
>> 2nd question, is the freebsd base (usr/src) documented anywhere, as to the
>> programs it entirely contains? i thought developers handbook, but all i
>> found is description of the directories in usr/src/ (unless i missed it
>> elsewhere). besides that, is there any kind of database app in the base
>> system no matter how compact/basic? if not, what would be the *closest* in
>> ports?
>> thanks in advance for any info
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>>  berkley db, sqlite, qdbm are in ports if you need more of a filesystems
> type db.  Nothing exists in the base system AFAIK.

thanks all for replies, but for the base system stuff i was trying to figure
out things ike what's under
/usr/src/sys/dev/ for instance, and say under dev/sound there is usb, pcm,
If i man usb i am guessing that only refers to main usb stuff. i got the
impression though that everything under sys/dev/ is likely kernel modules
and man sound was more appropriate, but no info there.

with the linux app, i have an SSE capable  CPU and linproc mounted , even
SSE2 i'm sure, and have  been running  some linux  apps no problem ,
including  ut2004-demo  from ports and even the full linux version if that
is relevant.

the app is not in ports, i just downloaded the installer and edited the
install script to go from /usr/local/bin to /compat/linux/usr/bin. I thought
at this point it was either not finding some libs or something similar but
have no clue as to what.

is there any hope for this to work? and should i be using the rpm installer
? rpm make any difference ?

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