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Date:      Thu, 1 Aug 2002 23:10:35 +0000
From:      Philip Reynolds <>
Subject:   Re: "ipfw fwd" not working without static route?
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Matt Abraham <> 21 lines of wisdom included:
> I'm trying to forward all packets from a privately addressed
> machine ( to a gateway via a FreeBSD box running
> ipfw. Here's the ipfw directive:
> fwd log logamount 10000 ip from to
> any
> Now when I ping public address a.b.c.d from, I
> get a "Destination Host Unreachable." When I try to ping
> this same address from the FreeBSD box, I get a "No route to
> host" message. Adding a static route, however, solves the
> problem:
> route add -net a.b.c.d
> now I can ping from both and my FreeBSD
> firewall! Of course, having to add routes, sort of defeats
> the ipfw fwd command, doesn't it?

a ``route'' is basically a road from one destination to another
(i.e. a way of getting from A to B).

Take this scenario, a meeting point in building A has been moved to
building B. You have been designated to tell everyone that is coming
to building A to go to building B. However, for this to happen there
has to be a route (you can see where I'm going now I hope) from
building A to building B. 

perhaps you need to set your default route?


you need to either add in these static routes, or setup your network
and interfaces in such a way as the routes are obvious (subnets,
netmasks that kind of thing).

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