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Date:      Wed, 11 Jul 2007 13:22:39 -0400
From:      pj <>
Subject:   without SSL
Message-ID:  <>

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I am about to trash the whole FBSD 6.2 installation. It is unusually 
frustrating. I have installed FBSD before and have used it for some 
years. I am not an expert or programmer.
Here are some problems:

I can access apache from my windows machine: "It works"
But I cannot access http://biggie:10000 - message says: try https://...
that does bring up the Webmin page. I know apache listens on port 80, 
but why https to get the Webmin page?

I cannot access http or https://biggie:931 (Swat) "Unable to connect"

Is my configuration wrong for samba? What's with the ssl?
I tried to reinstall (unsuccessfully -D NOSSL) apache22 without SSL. How 
can I disable the SSL I don't need SSL as I am using FBSD6.2 only on my 
local network.

On top of this, when I try to stop apache with apachectl stop, apache 
stops. But apachectl start gives :  "[warn] (2) No such file or 
directory: Failed to enable the 'httpready' Accept Filter"

Samba - I can see Samba on the Windows machine, but I cannot connect to 
access the FBSD machine - it is set up the same as when it worked on the 
previous installation - security is set for share.

I have the impression that all my problems are related to some kind of 
security overkill. And, I must say, the instructions that I have found 
on the Web for installation and/or configuration are either too 
simplistic or too confusing

I am having more than headaches and three full days of installing and 
reinstalling and fiddling without results. I have previously installed 
6.2 with apache, xorg, samba and cups without much trouble and it all 
worked well until my / directory got overloaded - don't know why. So, I 
thought I would do a clean reinstall of everything using more space on 
the disk. And now, nothing seems to work quite right - java 1.5 is not 
istallable - installed fine before with all the sun-java downloads etc. 
Samba does not work even with the same configuration that had worked 
before... same for cups and apache22 - all on the same computer with 
same configuration and using old configuration files as models - all 
that had worked before.

Hope someone can help. :)


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