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Date:      Sun, 4 Mar 2012 08:19:13 +1030
From:      David Walker <>
Subject:   Re: sysinstall
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So of course I can't install source using sysinstall either ...

No problem, I'll re-install (reverting a few hours of work) and do it
on the install.
Of course it works perfectly - I am able to install ports and src from
the CD that sysinstall fails on ...

As I'm getting used to though, there's more facepalming ...

I'll do what I'm accustomed to do ... and partition my drive ... this
should be easy.
/ 1GB swap 1GB /root 1GB /tmp /1GB /usr 50GB etcetera ...

FreeBSD can't extract root/.profile from base.txz (or similar)
avanothergo or exit ...
No worries, it's a bit of dust, avanothergo ...
Rinse and repeat x times - so I pull the CD out of the drive and rinse.
Looks pretty clean ... try again.
FreeBSD can't extract etcetera.

I installed from this CD a few hours previously on a brand new (a
handful of uses) drive. I remember reading somewhere that 2GB is a
recommended size for / (don't ask me where, I've looked) but I've
taken this into account with a separate /root right?
Let's bump all of them anyway.
/ 2GB swap 2GB /root 2GB /tmp /2GB /usr 50GB etcetera ...

FreeBSD can't extract some file from some where ...
... avanothergo and use the default partitioning scheme, it must be
the CD but I'll verify that ...
So after an hour or so, success.

I'm interested in the reason for this. Surely not inodes?
Is this considered a bug?
Is there at least one reason why a separate /root slice should not be allowed?
If so, I think it would be nice to see an error message that describes
the situation.

On 04/03/2012, David Walker <> wrote:
> So I installed amd64 9.0 tonight and decided against installing "ports".
> I'm at a point now where I'm thinking about adding it and I see sysinstall:
> Looks easy.
> For some unknown reason sysinstall spits the following:
> Warning: The disc currently in the drive is either not a FreeBSD
> disc or it is an older (pre 1.2.5) FreeBSD CD which does not have a
> version number on it. Do you wish to use this disc anyway?
> Like any sane person who burned this CD a few hours previously on the
> same machine from within FreeBSD and then installed from it shortly
> afterwards I click "Yes" ...
> So that doesn't work.
> I wonder what would have happened if I had elected to install "ports"
> during the initial install ...
> I'm here if anyone's bothered and wants more information.
> Best wishes.

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