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Date:      Mon, 15 Mar 1999 18:23:06 -0800
From:      Nocturne <>
To:        Brad Benson <>
Cc:, Licia <>
Subject:   Re: low end PC's and FreeBSD
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Brad Benson wrote:
> > Has anyone tried getting FreeBSD to run on any of the ultra low-end PC's
> > coming out now?  I just saw one for $299 and might give it a try...
> I've been running 3.1-Release on my Emachine at work for a month or so. It
> works great. I haven't had a problem and love the system. The performance
> is great when considering that the machine only cost $400US. I don't know
> about this new company in the article. I would suggest checking what hardware
> is in the machine first. Most super low end machines come with very generic
> and common components. That usually means FreeBSD will support it. Every
> thing in my Emachine except the software modem works great under FreeBSD.
> Even the on board PnP sound worked great after a quick kernel change. I
> would definitely recommend an Emachine to anyone on a budget.

Checking the hardware is an extremely good point, Brad.  One thing you
have to keep in mind is what's in it.  Whoever is selling the machine
should be able to provide a component list and printed manuals (even
if they're just leaflet data-sheets).  If they don't, really get on
their case about it.  My general rule for package systems is to be
wary of any component you can't find for sale or resale on it's own
through PriceWatch[1], ComputerShopper[2], etc.  The only exception to
this is in-house parts, like with some of the large companies, who make
their own motherboards.  Also, the manufacturer should have a website
or, at the very least, a toll free number.  If they don't, you could be
stuck with either broken hardware or a large phone bill.

1: PriceWatch
2: ComputerShopper

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