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Date:      Thu, 18 Jun 2020 15:38:13 +0200
From:      Stephan Lichtenauer <>
Subject:   Re: Is anyone using www/jitsi-meet?
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Hi Arthur,

On 2020-06-18 15:11, Arthur Chance wrote:
> I'm trying to get an idea for how well it works on FBSD and what size of
> hardware I would need run it. Googling for the latter gets me articles
> that range from "any old box will do" up to "ideally 20+ cores and 1TB
> of memory". I can imagine a huge server is needed if you're running an
> big online conference but I'm interested in 10-100 users, mostly at the
> lower end.
I have set it up in a jail on a standard server with 64GB RAM and (I 
believe) 4 CPUs and it works without a sweat at least in the lower range 
of what you mention (there simply have not yet been conferences with up 
to 100 users at the same time yet but up to around 30 users with video 
have been no problem so far). To me it seems like the main bottleneck is 
network bandwidth.

You can have a look at and I have written a 
short howto at - set up is 
not complicated thanks to the ports.

There also is a nice Grafana dashboard available which is easy enough to 
set up as well (

Best regards


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