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Date:      Wed, 7 Jan 2009 19:47:30 -0300
From:      "Daniel Molina Wegener [Coder.CL]" <>
Cc:        David Karapetyan <>
Subject:   Re: mutt question
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On Wednesday 07 January 2009 19:07:13 David Karapetyan wrote:
> Hello. When I open my mutt email client, the cursor
> (highlighting mail) is always located in the middle of the
> screen. What option do I need to include in my muttrc so that
> when I open mutt, the cursor highlights the topmost email?

  Hi, try using colors if your terminal emulator support them,
I have these colors in my muttrc file:

=2D----8<----------8<----------8<----------8<----- SNIP
# Default colour definitions
color hdrdefault white black
color quoted     cyan black
color signature  brightwhite black
color indicator  brightwhite red
color attachment black white
color error      red white
color message    white black
color search     brightwhite magenta
color status     brightblue white
color tree       white black
color normal     white black
color tilde      red black
color bold       brightwhite black
color markers    brightcyan black

# Colour definitions when on a mono screen
mono bold      bold
mono underline underline
mono indicator reverse

# Colours for items in the reader
color header brightyellow black "^(From|Subject|Date):"
mono  header bold "^(From|Subject|X-Junked-Because\
=2D----8<----------8<----------8<----------8<----- SNIP

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