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Date:      Sat, 7 Sep 1996 18:11:40 -0700
From:      Bryne Parrott <>
To:        "''" <>
Cc:        "''" <>
Subject:   Future Domain 1680 Support and 2.1.5!!!
Message-ID:  <>

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I have been having one hell of a time trying to get this Future Domain =
1680 SCSI card probed.  When I try to install the operating system or =
Partition the Hard Drive, from the BOOT FLOPPY, it says that NO DISK =
FOUND.  I have tried the kernel configure> and had no luck resolving the =
problem.  Is there something special, boot floppy or other trick I can =
use to get this up and running?   Or, is this a case of this SCSI card =
just being unsupported "Sorry but forget it."?   Btw, Linux works fine =
on the Machine in question!=20

Here is the machine setup:

UMD8810P AIO PCI BUS 486DX-50 mother board (generic)

SCSI controller card: Future Domain 1680 <ISA>  (settings: =
I/O=3D140h-14Fh , IRQ=3D5, ROM BIOS Address=3DC800-CA00h)

Hard Drive: Seagate ST31200N (1.05 Gig)

Memory RAM: 10Meg

CD ROM Drive: Mitsumi FX400 Quadspeed

If other infomation is needed, please free to contact me via E-mail!!

Bryne E. Parrott


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