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Date:      Tue, 16 Oct 2007 09:15:40 +0200
From:      Max Laier <>
Subject:   Re: Send_pkt()  does it support IPV6 ?
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On Tuesday 16 October 2007, wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry if I have missed something blindingly obvious, but I can't see
> how the send_pkt() routine in ip_fw2.c would create a valid ipv6 source
> and destination address.  This is relevent due to its use in
> ipfw_tick(). Basically in an ipv6 configuration when ipfw_tick() goes
> off to send a keep-alive, I think send_pkt() would produce an erroneous
> IPV4 style packet due to its use of id->dst_ip and id->src_ip rather
> than  dst_ip6 and src_ip6 ?   Further, ipfw_tick() then calls
> ip_output() rather than any ip6_output() routine.
> I am just checking before I make any modifications that I am not
> missing something fundamental that invalidates my analysis.

I don't think you are missing something.  IPv6 support in ipfw is still a=20
second class citizen (as is stateful filtering).  I remember seeing a=20
mail with similar topic just recently, but can't recall on which list or=20
from whom.

I don't see a PR for this - could you please create one so it's not=20
forgotten about?

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