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Date:      Thu, 26 Mar 2009 18:32:05 -0400
From:      Michael Powell <>
Subject:   Re: Q: FreeBSD 7.1 stable boot failure
Message-ID:  <gqgvne$4ct$>
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John H. Nyhuis wrote:

>  Greetings,
>  I just re-installed an old file server from stable 6.1 to 7.1 stable,
> and I'm having a problem with my 3ware 7000-2 card.
>  After sysinstall completes, and I try to boot from the SCSI HDD (not
> connected to the 3ware) for the first time, the system hangs immediatly
> after
> the POST completes.  The keyboard goes dead (numlock and caps lock stop
> working) and it never starts to load.  I can't get the system to a point
> where I can get an error to work with.
>  When I remove the 3ware card, the system boot fine.  FreeBSD is
> installed on my system's internal SCSI drives (the 3ware card manages data
> disks, not OS disks).
>  I've checked the media md5, and the media checks out OK.  I've tried
> manually setting the boot partition to the root partition on the SCSI
> drives. This problem is 100% repeatable on my system using 7.1 stable (and
> I did not
> experiance this with 6.1 stable).  I've reinstalled several times with
> different options trying to get around this problem.
>  The system is a Dell poweredge 2200 (dual PIII 333Mhz procs) SCSI
> drives (set to 4 and 5, controller set to 7), 128MB memory, and a 3ware
> 7000-2
> card which should be supported by the twe0 driver.  The drives connected
> to the 3ware card are 200GB maxtor drives.
> Google mentions rebuilding your RAID array (having to wipe and rebuild the
> filesystem every time I patch is not really a long-term viable option),
> which I did, and this did not change the hang.
>  Would someone point me in the correct direction for resolving this?

Only a few things immediately jump out at me. Some older equipment really 
like the bootable SCSI disk to be on ID 0, with the second disk on ID 1. 
It's not really supposed to matter, but I recall some older stuff being 
flaky about this.

Back then there was usually an option in the BIOS to tell which controller 
to attempt boot from first. It was called something like "boot from external 
adapter", or something like that. What it did was to initialize the ROM in 
the add-in card first.

This machine is probably from the pre ACPI days. You probably want to boot 
with ACPI disabled, and this can be done from the boot menu for testing and 
if it works can be hard coded to be permanent.


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