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Date:      Fri, 29 Sep 2006 04:26:44 +0200
From:      =?iso-8859-2?Q?Daniel_Dvo=F8=E1k?= <>
To:        <>
Subject:   NT loader still boot first FreeBSD slice, it could not boot second or another slice
Message-ID:  <011401c6e36e$b4b9c8e0$6508280a@tocnet28.jspoj.czf>

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Hi all,
I wanted to make my system dual or multiboot. I decided to loadding os NT
loader from Windows XP.
I have read this:
My situation:
1. partion ... wxp /dev/ad4s1
2. partion ... ntfs data partition /dev/ad4s2
3. partion ... fbsd adm64 /dev/ad4s3a
4. partion ... fbsd i386 /dev/ad4s4a
Sata disk 320GB.
What I did:
1. /dev/ad4s3a: cp /boot/boot1 FreeBSDa64.BSD to 1. partion
2. /dev/ad4s4a: cp /boot/boot1 FreeBSDi386.BSD to 1.partion
3. reply 1.-2. with dd if=/dev/ad4s3a of=/...dd.BSD bs=512 count=1
4. edit boot.ini so there are WXP and 2 copied boot1 to 3rd and 4th
partition and 2 made by dd command, so 5 records
NT loader boot 3rd partion without any problem, but when I want to boot to
4th partition, it loads 3rd one again and again. I does not get to there at
If I compare these 4 files, all are the same, so how could ntloader to load
something other than the first bsd partition if files did not differ at all
If it is known issue, why it is not in documentation, that point 9.10 in FAQ
works ONLY and ONLY with ONLY 1 FreeBSD partition ?
I recommand to edit this question 9.10 to mention this barrier, if it is
P.S.: I am not currently subscribed in the freebsd-stable and
freebsd-questions mailling lists, so mail me directly. Thanks.

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